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Ana Salamanca was born in 1991 in the Garrido neighborhood (Salamanca), Spain.


She studied at the School of Arts and Crafts of Salamanca, Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Salamanca and Segovia, and graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Pontevedra.


Her training as an artist began with the painter and muralist Joseba Muruzabal in her first stage in Pontevedra. Her training continued at the hands of the artist Víctor Castillo, of whom she was her personal assistant in Barcelona. And currently in Madrid she follows in the footsteps of her teacher, the artist Carmen Mansilla.


Since she was little she had a passion for painting, art was always present in all aspects of her life.


Her work has a surreal aspect, where the human figure is the axis of her work.

In her work, she represents dreams, memories of the past and present in a symbolic way with a style that ranges from classic to more contemporary.


Her works have been sold in places like Spain, Italy, the United States, the Netherlands, France, Portugal, Canada and London.